User-Friendly Interface is more important in recent days….

I recently received some news well quite interesting, like H5N1 bird flu in China, and hot sale of “Nintendo Dog”, etc. But one article catches all my attention, that is talking about Internet, which the meaning beyond the words is “Take Care what user want, and that’s one of nicky of success”.

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Finally, Sisyphus, There’s Help for Those Internet Forms

By JAMES FALLOWS New York Times May 15, 2005

EVERYONE who has used the Internet has had a version of this frustrating experience:

A week ago I was at the Minneapolis airport, with three hours to wait for a delayed flight. That’s not the frustrating part. I wanted to connect my laptop to the airport’s Wi-Fi Internet system, which meant filling out many spaces in an on-screen registration form. Name, home address, phone and e-mail contact, credit card details and so on – plus my requested user name for the network.

I clicked “Submit” – and two seconds later the system bounced back my application. Someone else, perhaps me on a forgotten previous trip, had already claimed that user name. So it was time to start over. I had to re-enter everything I had typed before, because every space in the form had been blanked out, and I had to hope that the next name I chose would work. (It did.)

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Blog Systems….


Image in BLOG ?

In many blogs there are lots of image files or pictures, which make me wanna do the same. Especially I got some pictures from friends’s Email or DC, even from my mobilephone.

But it looks like a hard cake.That’s due to my BIG company.

It sounds great to be one of small pieces in Semicondutor Foundries, at least most of my friends think so. But while cannot use MSN, upload or access some HTML…… Well, I don’t think the work place is very suitable for me.

And just for attaching images, I’ve tried several ways with nothing happened as return. That really makes me sad…. And finally I set up an account in Flickr. It looks like I can upload some pictures from home and paste them into my blog no matter where I am. It sounds great !

If you are bothered with same thing, maybe it works for you, my friends. Sell All In One

Sell All In One