Mail from Classmate, deeply moved!!

My classmate, Alexander, from Russia, wrote a letter to me, to encourage me to continuing seeking jobs. We only have one class in common, and he was graduated in Nov 2009.  The following is the mail:

Dear Yannick,

Thank you for the warm friendly message.

I am still in Brisbane looking for a job, but I have been invited today to an interview in Sydney. I have received two way air ticket to Sydney from the inviting company already and hopefully, they will invite me to work for them later. Unfortunately, it is not a semiconductor company. But, I shall accept their invitation to work, as I am unemployed now. My applications for positions in semiconductor companies are “hanging” since early October 2009. I cannot wait for responses from semiconductor companies any more. However, I should like to keep good relationship with UniQuest for possible future collaboration in the field of semiconductor technology.

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