Mail from Classmate, deeply moved!!

My classmate, Alexander, from Russia, wrote a letter to me, to encourage me to continuing seeking jobs. We only have one class in common, and he was graduated in Nov 2009.  The following is the mail:

Dear Yannick,

Thank you for the warm friendly message.

I am still in Brisbane looking for a job, but I have been invited today to an interview in Sydney. I have received two way air ticket to Sydney from the inviting company already and hopefully, they will invite me to work for them later. Unfortunately, it is not a semiconductor company. But, I shall accept their invitation to work, as I am unemployed now. My applications for positions in semiconductor companies are “hanging” since early October 2009. I cannot wait for responses from semiconductor companies any more. However, I should like to keep good relationship with UniQuest for possible future collaboration in the field of semiconductor technology.

If I find a job, I shall be able to invite my family to Australia. I am alone here at present time.

Have you tried employment opportunities at UniQuest, Yannick? They have managerial, rather than engineering job opportunities advertised in their site. But, UniQuest deals with many technologies including semiconductor technology. May be, they have some temporary or part-time job that can be suitable for you. Please, try to contact Jennifer Howe at UniQuest about their opportunities (not only semiconductor technology).

If you are able to consider PhD opportunities in semiconductor technology, then the Internet site of the Centre for Organic Photonics and Electronics (COPE) at UQ may be helpful for you. They are looking for PhD students in the field of emerging organic semiconductor technology. I have finished my PhD project already and taking another PhD project makes no sense for me, but it can be helpful for you.

May be, Dr. Han Huang from the School of Engineering at UQ will be able to offer some temporary paid job for you. He works in the field of semiconductor technology, although at a very fundamental scientific level.
Another opportunity is tutoring. UQ is looking for tutors for Semester 1, 2010 just now, please see: I worked as a tutor myself for two semesters. This job is time consuming, but it gives about 31 $/hour and the fortnight income may be comparable with the scholarship. Besides all, tutoring helps to learn the subject better.

If I find anything else, that can be suitable for you, I shall let you know. I want to return to semiconductor industry myself. So, I shall keep trying semiconductor opportunities.

Good luck with the job search!

Kind regards,


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