Blood Donation, second times… (3rd part of photo series)

Well…. this is the 2nd successful donation in Brisbane. Of course I did it without the complete permission from doctors.. ^_^ But since the data of all testing reports says it’s fine for me as a common people in each fields, why not start acting as “a real man of good health condition”?? I just think as it. By the way, the good taste of sultanas is one of the unresistant lure for me. Haha! I love it and wanna take risky temptation.

Besides…. I bought a box of special chocolate as birthday president for Joy’s boy friend, Neale…. Well… it costs a lot (20 bulks!!!) and I did not eat it anymore…. =_= I think I’m too generous. Haha!! A good man always been regarded as silly person, I think it’s true for me.




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