Lunch Party for Chrismas

Somehow.. you know that not the choice chosen by the majority is not always the best; just the case of social network, “Facebook”. Too many people hanging on it are for playing small games, quiz, or sharing photos. But….. if you are not their friends, you see nothing at all. As for me… I would like to share my pictures with others, but often I photoed a lot… Therefore I need a good web galleries for collection.

… Yeah… that’s why I decided to put these party photos both in Facebook and PicasaWeb. =_=

The lunch party is held for the friends in Bible Study Group. Most of them have families. And it is just near Christmas time, so this is quite meaningful. And in the party, we exchanged the gifts valued below AUD$5. It would be more interesting than causing everyone troubled if the price of present is too high for afford.

By the way…. there are 5 kids and 2 dogs of medium size. And the dishes are very delicious, hardly found in restaurants outside. Though most of them spoke too faster for me, and that I could understand for only 40 or 50%. What a sad…

At night, there was a “Christmas Carol” service in church. Well.. since I was too tired for the lunch… I forgot to bring my camera.. =_= The night was so special that I could not forget in my whole life. Singing the songs, with handling the candles… Pastors telling the story of the birth of Jesus… and the surrounding feelings of no extra artificial lights… ^_^
I only can say that is too amazing !!! Haha!!

PS: this is the first time I found the song of “silent night” has 4 paragraphs, not 3. And most interesting is that, I could not find the exact version of “silent night” I sang on Sunday… I searched completely this site… sigh…

PSS: this is the party night… for vodka & midori… of course, with UNO !!

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