Recently Happened + Queensland State Museum Tour

23 July, Thursday, there was a birthday party held on shareroom.

24 July, Friday, some members of UQ-GUTS grouped to take a tour toward Mt. Coot-tha, but for the late of meeting hour, finally all of us went to Cafe in Milton.

And for the night of 25 July, Saturday, roommates and me went to Sunnybank for dinner.

Last, as title mentioned, I took a short tour of Queensland State Museum, located in SouthBank.


Photos are mentioned above, and let me write down something happened these days.

1. 25 July, Saturday: I bought the LaserJet XEROX Phaser 3124, around AUD$120. Well, I have to admit, this price is quite good. But the following misfortune made me quite sad; I locked my room door with key left inside. For such stupid behaviour, I payed AUD$99 for unlock.

2. 27 July, Monday: As listed on school website, I bought the textbook of “Introduction of Biotechnology”. However, the professor announced “There is no strong necessary for you to buy textbook” in class. OMG!! Since it is only partially used in class, why not just transfer this title to “Recommendation” ? =_=

3. Misfortune usually comes not only once. After few days usage of laser printer, the red light alerted; I have went out of the toner. =_= OMG again!! The reason is the new toner with printer bought is the D1 SPEC, which is one-third of standard capacity. And for seeking cheaper solution, in 31 July morning, I ran for four stores from 0800 to 1130, and finally had to choose the cheapest toner made from ordinary firm, Fuji Xerox, at the price of AUD$110. There are more than AUD$300 went away in one week, which is much beyond expectation.

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