Democracy in Taiwan ??

This time of Legislator Election leads one serious problem: only about 59% voted. But our mass media is only care about which party taks the majority of votes, with no cares about the real Majority Will. (Especially while I belong to one part of majority. ^_^) I think this election tells there are more and more people feel disagree with any paties in Taiwan politics; what they are arguing for is less important for the public. The current issue is to upgrade our power of economic competition, to make people to live in a more convenient and safe and healthy environment, not just focus on historical or eductional issues, which is important but not urgent. The Politic Affairs, OMG, which is just the dirty name of selfish motives of politicians, is worth like bullshit!

The first time of Prisent Election is such wonderful of memory in my mind. Everyone was exercited in communication about each candidates, talking about future of any possible election results. But now what I can is singing the old song, “sitting on the dock of bay, watching the tides rolling away.Whoo … sitting on the dock of bay, wasting time …….”

Amazing Minolta Z3 Effects !!

The upper image is taken by using Z3 AUTO Scenerio function which looks worse than common DC (about NT8000~9000). But the below is by Manual Operation function, well, it’s amazing to clearly see the light tracks of motorcycles. Could you clearly see the loosing parts? Due to Anti-Shaking function, it can easily reduce the bad shaking effect even the Shutter is set to 2 sec.

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Sleep Late is never a good thing….

Last night, after watching “新聞挖挖哇”, I started to find out those “gold mines” in stock market.

A little sad ! It looks like not a good time to get involved. Besides, my old stock software is useless of me to get decision, however it may be helpful for short-term players. I cannot easily access the company business information, no matter financial reports or business products plan. Hence I started seeking for a new securities firm, especially convient to use in internet. PCHOME and Yahoo! looks a good middle-layer interaction. I choose Yuanta as my favorite for thier sufficient information in PCHOME.

At the same time, I open the rusted MSN for looking old classmates & friends. “?? Why there is a link near his nickname ?” occurred into my mind while I found an old classmate on line. Wah ! The link is on the same blog website with me. That’s a BIG surprise ! (Sorry I forgot the link now, I’ll put it up ASAP.)

After surfing his outstanding blogs, there is much difference between us.

  1. He is already a Ph.D candidate and I am still a “hard-to-be-saw” engineer.
  2. His English is so good than me……
  3. His Chinese is much literary ……
  4. What the hell for me to living ….. ^o^! (Just Kidding… I have already been much lucky than many…)
  5. The most significant difference is he use traditional Chinese in writing and I prefer English…

What’s the reason makes a so BIG lap? Maybe just the surroundings. I live , work in Taiwan now, and he is alone(or not alone, but must be in smaller group) in Ann Aber. Sign…. This makes me some upset; why I cannot live aboard like him, that I can write in Chinese and feel great …….

That’s Enough! I must keep my mind in tasks now, or I would have TEA BAG right now….

PS: Speaking “Tea Bag” in Chinese pronunciation would sounds like “Trouble”. And it’s used in many HK movies as a joke.

About Money…. Where it should be ??

I just am a small engineer, and earn little of money, comparing with many other Taiwanese. But I really do lots of favour to save money, hope oneday I can buy a small house. (It looks more like a fantasy now….) And with my little luck, I get some free money in hand, which can let me do some investment.

Last time I put some money in stock market, and …. get net loss about 25K NT. It really hurts ! The left value is almost only 60% of original amount. That’s not good. But being a nervous eccentric, it’s not allowed to hold money in hand, no matter spending or just send to others…

With low interest in bank depositing, and have funds investing already, the stock market is still the best of last choices. (This bird have no time in good options seeking, but pretty girls chasing instead. ^_^)

Lots of information received and recognized, I totally have NO idea which one would be good target. Wu..wu…wu…. maybe foreign market is better than domestic one, at least there is PIXAR in WallStreet… I like their animations, and DreamWorks is not bad neither.

I need more time and tears to find out my lost spoon……. Hope it is Gold or Silver, but not Copper one. !^_^

Image in BLOG ?

In many blogs there are lots of image files or pictures, which make me wanna do the same. Especially I got some pictures from friends’s Email or DC, even from my mobilephone.

But it looks like a hard cake.That’s due to my BIG company.

It sounds great to be one of small pieces in Semicondutor Foundries, at least most of my friends think so. But while cannot use MSN, upload or access some HTML…… Well, I don’t think the work place is very suitable for me.

And just for attaching images, I’ve tried several ways with nothing happened as return. That really makes me sad…. And finally I set up an account in Flickr. It looks like I can upload some pictures from home and paste them into my blog no matter where I am. It sounds great !

If you are bothered with same thing, maybe it works for you, my friends. Sell All In One

Sell All In One